Hi there, thank you for your interest in Really Tested's Locksmith Web Design services

My name is Nash Miletic. I'm the freelance web designer with an excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) background. I'm the founder of Really Tested, a website that provides affordable web design and SEO solutions for small businesses. 

This is how About Us page can look. It should provide basic information about your business and introduce you to potential clients. The picture is most welcome. Now you know how I look and who to expect to see if we have a video call or we meet in person. Be sure to check the only real blog post on this website where I wrote about the importance of blogging for small businesses.

For the past two years, I've been working with some great people from locksmith industry, and I've built more than one locksmith website. I've learned a lot about challenges locksmiths are facing. Though locksmith web design have a lot in common with small business web design, some specifics should be addressed. 

One is that your clients will almost never read too much and visit different pages. Usually, people who visit your site just want to find your contact info and to check if you are a legitimate business.  Your industry is flooded with fraud, and people love to see that you are locally operated, have good reviews and that you are a serious company.

The average user will not commit more than 7 seconds to decide if they'll stay or leave the website! This why it is so important that you have a professionally built website that will load fast and provide what your clients expect.

The clean, professional design proved with light weighted images turned out to be the optimal solution for locksmith web design. Your site must be responsive, meaning it will look and work well across all devices, because more than half visits will come from mobile devices. Always visible and clickable phone number is a must. Contact form with a map with your physical location is something people are used to, so it not wise to not to have that page. Same goes for the services page, though visitors will rarely read it, you must present your services and products if you have any.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to affordable locksmith web design. Please contact us for more info!